Cefaly is a patented, FDA-approved, External Trigeminal Nerve Stimulation (e-TNS) device used for drug-free migraine relief and prevention. It is intended for patients who suffer from migraines with or without aura and are over 18 years of age.

The Benefits of Using Cefaly

  • Cefaly is a non-invasive migraine treatment.
  • It is drug-free so that it can be used during pregnancy with no concerns.
  • It offers a better safety to efficacy ratio than anti-migraine medication and reduces the dosage of medication required for treatment of migraine pain.
  • Cefaly is the first line of treatment for patients with frequent migraine attacks.

How Does Cefaly Work?

Self-adhesive electrodes are positioned against the clean skin of the forehead. The electrodes are oriented with the narrowest part facing downward, and the lower edge lies midway between the eyebrows. Each electrode can be used 15 to 20 times before it must be replaced.

The Cefaly device magnetically connects to the electrodes and precise micro-impulses sent through them to the upper branch of the trigeminal nerve, where migraines begin. The neurostimulation relieves headaches during an attack (Acute Setting) or prevents future attacks (Prevent Setting).

It is a comfortable, ergonomic, and simple-to-use medical device. Each session lasts 20 minutes, during which you should be in a relaxed, quiet environment. Cefaly may cause drowsiness, do not drive or operate heavy machinery during use.

Once activated, you will feel a tingling sensation that intensifies over the course of 12 minutes. Once it reaches the maximum intensity that is comfortable for you, it will remain for the rest of the 20-minute session.

The first few times you use Cefaly, you will become accustomed to the sensation and can progress to higher intensity levels, resulting in more effective sessions. It is recommended to use Cefaly daily for the best results.

Who Should Use Cefaly?

Cefaly is intended for patients, 18 or older, who suffer from migraines with or without aura. The acute setting is intended for sufferers of an acute migraine attack. The prevent setting is for sufferers who have three or more migraine attacks per month and need preventative treatment to reduce the frequency of episodes.

Cefaly is approved by the FDA for use under prescription for the treatment of migraines. Because it is a Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) Machine, you may be able to file a claim through insurance for payment.

The Cefaly Set

The Cefaly comes with:

  • Storage case
  • Detailed construction manual
  • One Cefaly electrode
  • Skin-cleansing wipes
  • 2 AAA batteries


Cefaly (STX-Med) is ISO-certified:

  • ISO Medical 13485: 2003 (quality system specific to medical material)
  • ISO Medical 13485: 2003 under CMDCAS (Canada)
  • ISO 9001-2008 (complete quality system)

Cefaly is CE-marked and complies with directive 93/42/EEC pertaining to medical devices and with all associated international IEC standards.

If you’re a migraine sufferer interested in using the Cefaly device for relief, contact the migraine specialists at The Migraine Relief Center to set up an evaluation.

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