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Migraines Don't Have to Rule Your Life.

We get it - you’re frustrated because standard treatments haven’t helped your migraines. You don’t want another doctor who will just switch your medication. You’ve altered your diet, adjusted your sleep patterns, exercised, tried acupuncture, vitamins, hormones and physical therapy—but you still have migraines.

Don't give up yet. The doctors at the Migraine Relief Center are here to try and help with chronic migraine pain.

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Migraine Relief Center has a variety of treatment options for migraine sufferers.


Surgical treatment is a powerful therapy option for chronic migraines. Find out what it involves and who can benefit from it.

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More than an "anti-wrinkle" drug, Botox® is a unique option for treating migraines. Discover all of benefits Botox® has to offer.

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Medication is often the first tool for controlling migraine pain. Here’s what you need to know about the different available migraine drugs.

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If you’re looking for solutions outside of traditional drugs and therapies, here’s helpful information on some alternative therapies for migraines.

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Two Brothers. One Mission.

Mark Khorsandi, D.O.

Mark Khorsandi, D.O., founded the Migraine Relief Center in 2011, focusing his skills and experiences in hand and microvascular surgery on improving treatment—and results—for migraine patients. He is dedicated to advancing the techniques that will help his patients.

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Christopher Khorsandi, M.D.

Christopher Khorsandi, M.D., has been working with his brother since 2012. He brings his compassion and refined surgical skills to all patients, constantly improving treatments to relieve their migraine pain and deliver results.

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Patient Success Stories


Anna’s migraines were so severe that she had to give up a career in test engineering. With daily migraines that ranged from barely functional to debilitating, she opted for surgery at the Migraine Relief Center. Now, following surgery, Anna "couldn't have dreamed of a better outcome"!


Cynthia’s migraines didn’t just affect her life, but they also disrupted her family. She felt as though no one understood what she was  going through, but “when [she] went to Dr. Khorsandi, he was able to immediately pinpoint [her] problem areas.” Now, she calls her results “life-altering!”


Davita felt that she had tried everything to find relief from her incessant migraines. When nothing worked for her, she contacted the Migraine Relief Center. Davita “went into surgery with a migraine and [she] came out without one.” Now, she can be the mother, wife, and nurse she once was!

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  • What to do before your surgery
  • What to expect on the day of surgery
  • How to make your recovery more comfortable
  • The risks and benefits associated with migraine surgery

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