The doctors at the Migraine Relief Center are concerned with one thing – improving the quality of life for migraine patients. These are just a few of our many patients who suffered from severe, debilitating headaches, and their experiences with treatment from the Migraine Relief Center. Please note, these are individual experiences and results may vary.

I'm four days post-op from a nerve decompression surgery and I'm migraine free for the first time in 13 years.


For so long I couldn’t be creative because I felt so miserable… Now, I can go back and do all the things that I love to do.


[The results] have been life-altering…My son did actually say, ‘Mom, you’re doing much better – that’s awesome!’


The compassion that Dr. Khorsandi has for patients is like none other I’ve ever seen…and that was amazing.


I wasn’t having bad headaches anymore…I told my mom that I was like a whole different person.


I can plan things, now, and go forward with them. I can be with my family; I can be with my friends.


I’m doing things again…I’m being a part of stuff again…I’m so happy because this surgery has helped me.


My life's wonderful. Some days I sit and wonder what it was like before. It's been four months and I'm doing everything I wanted to do.


I was in pain for over two years. I feel great now. No migraines. No headaches.


For anyone out there who suffered like I do, I advise you to at least set up a visit with Dr. Khorsandi. It might be a visit that changes your life. I know it changed mine.


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