Migraine Treatment in Katy, Texas

Migraine headaches aren’t always easy to diagnose. There’s a lot of misinformation out there that confuses those suffering from migraines and the physicians who treat them. For many years, the migraine doctors at the Migraine Relief Center in Houston, TX have helped and studied Katy, TX residents who have frequent migraines. Our specialists have determined that the keys to effective migraine treatment are in the method of diagnosis and how patients respond to migraine treatment procedures. There are several ways to treat a migraine to ensure that the pain goes away–and doesn’t come back.

How Migraine Pain Works

Headaches are just a symptom of the migraine. There aren’t any real tests available to perfectly diagnose a migraine. Most patients seek help because they have a pulsing pain in their heads either just on one side or all over with other symptoms like sensitivity to light, noise and smells; queasiness and nausea; runny nose and sinus problems; vision problems; and neck pain.

How Migraines Start

The National Headache Foundation revealed that 28 million Americans go through migraine pain. No one can pinpoint the cause of a migraine attack. They are sometimes caused by genetics or significant changes to the brain. Bright lights, certain weather, stress, fatigue and other triggers may be passed down from parent to child.

Throughout history, scientists have studied headache pain. The theory used to be that migraines were caused by blood vessels moving on the brain’s surface. However, it’s not considered to be related to abnormalities in parts of the brain. There is also a pain control center for the brain where the migraine begins.

A migraine begins with an overactive nerve cell that sends out messages to blood vessels, making them constrict and then expand, releasing serotonin, prostaglandins and other harmful substances that make the ache much more painful.

Different Types of Migraines

Migraines are related to their triggers. There could be several different types of migraine headaches affecting you.

  • Stress: If you suffer from anxiety, depression, worry, extreme excitement or fatigue, you likely also suffer from migraines. When a stressful situation occurs, the brain is triggered and releases certain chemicals to help with the situation—at least, they’re supposed to help. Sometimes, they induce more pain and muscle tension.
  • Sensitivity to chemicals or food preservatives: There are a ton of chemicals in food and beverages. Nitrates in hot dogs, lunch meats, sausages and pepperoni have been found to trigger migraines in some cases. In addition, MSG or monosodium glutamate has been found in 80 percent of food, even when it goes by other names. MSG has also been known to cause headaches.
  • Caffeine: If you love coffee to the point that it’s a withdrawal when you don’t have your morning cup, you likely will suffer from a migraine when you cut yourself off of the caffeine intake. Blood vessels adjust to caffeine levels so when it’s not ingested after a period of time, there’s a real problem.

Migraine Help in Katy, TX

You can get help for migraines and find relief no matter what type of migraine you suffer from. Get migraine treatment in Katy, Texas by calling 713-522-5111. The doctors at the Migraine Relief Center are ready to help you.