The rules – not the exceptions.

The doctors at the Migraine Relief Center are concerned with one thing – improving the quality of life for migraine patients. These are just a few of our many patients who once suffered from severe, debilitating headaches and are now enjoying the benefits of a life with reduced migraines. Their experiences are not uncommon, and the next success story could be yours!

For so long I couldn’t be creative because I felt so miserable… Now, I can go back and do all the things that I love to do.


[The results] have been life-altering…My son did actually say, ‘Mom, you’re doing much better – that’s awesome!’


The compassion that Dr. Khorsandi has for patients is like none other I’ve ever seen…and that was amazing.


I wasn’t having bad headaches anymore…I told my mom that I was like a whole different person.


I can plan things, now, and go forward with them. I can be with my family; I can be with my friends.


I’m doing things again…I’m being a part of stuff again…I’m so happy because this surgery has helped me.


My life's wonderful. Some days I sit and wonder what it was like before. It's been four months and I'm doing everything I wanted to do.


I was in pain for over two years. I feel great now. No migraines. No headaches.


For anyone out there who suffered like I do, I advise you to at least set up a visit with Dr. Khorsandi. It might be a visit that changes your life. I know it changed mine.


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